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生きましょう - Llamados - Called - 呼唤


Mensaje para la Fiesta del Fundador 2017

Message for the Feast of the Founder 2017


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Encounter with Claret

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In the website of the Claretian Spirituality Center (CESC) there is a space to give a voice to the many people who met with Saint Anthony Mary Claret throughout their lives, Claretian Missionaries, Religious Sisters of Mary Immaculate, Lay Claretians and many others who do not belong to any specific religious group but also experienced a personal and close encounter with Claret.

Here is the testimony from our East Asia brother Alberto Rossa, presently assigned to Mui Wo, Hong Kong.


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2017 East Asia Delegation Assembly

DSC 0091From October 3 to 6 the claretians from East Asia Delegation gathered in the the Choc Van Center in Macao to hold their Assembly. 26 claretians working in Japan, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong and China met to share their life and mission. It was a time for coming together as one family under the same Spirit of our Founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret. The atmosphere of the meeting was pleasant and it was a fruitful time for evaluation, discussion and sharing based on the present situation of our Delegation, especially in the light of the last XXV General Chapter and the letter of the General: Called to Radiate the Joy of the Gospel. All the participants were actively involved in all the sessions throughout these 4 days of get-together. It was a great opportunity to reflect on and review as a community the various ministries of our Delegation in these regions. The sharing session on the Church in Mainland China by the Nuncio, Msgr. Ante Jozic helped us to better understand the possibilities and the challenges of the China Mission for the Congregation. Some of the friends and collaborators of Claretians in Macao came to share with the Assembly participants their “Candlelight” ministry. There was also a moment of joyous celebration, as the Assembly joined Macao’s community celebration of the feast of Father Claret, the beatification of our 109 Martyrs, and the Golden Jubilee of the Ordination of Fr. Mario Bonfaini with a solemn Eucharistic celebration at St. Lawrence Church on 5 October followed by a reception dinner with over 300 guests. We concluded the celebration of our Delegation Assembly on October 6 look forward to our next Delegation Assembly to be held in 2021 in Hong Kong.

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