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A European in China

mmexport1500900001558Being a European in China can make you feel like an alien, especially if you go to the rural areas where foreigners are rarely seen, and try to live with the local people. There are three options for an “alien” like you: show your difference, try to hide it, or accept it with naturalness. I chose the third and I saw that we actually had more things in common than I had previously thought.
Yes, it´s true that the Spanish people think from the particular to the general and the Chinese from the general to the particular. For example, a Spaniard writes his home address starting with the street and finishing with the country while a Chinese does the opposite. When a Spaniard does something he thinks in terms of the result, but a Chinese thinks of the process. I discovered this when the Chinese students laughed at me when I tried to copy a Chinese character.
But all of us have the same dreams, hopes and feelings, and there is a language stronger than all the other languages, a language beyond words or borders. This language is born in the heart of people and is spoken with the eyes, the body… with one’s life.

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