Frankfurt Book Fair Again

14718602 10209320692546888 6278061931022756956 nAs usual, the Claret Publishing Group gathered together at Frankfurt Book Fair from 19-23 of October 2016. This year, 2 new Claretian Publishing Houses joined hands in the project: Cameroun and Hong Kong to make the total number of participants to 9.

The event is a baptism for the new comers into the publishing ministry. It initiates one to choose what kind of books to publish, and gives one a glimpse into the innovative printing and book production technologies.

Over the years, it has become a ritual for Amity Printers to invite the Claret Publishing Group for a dinner on the Thursday of the week. After the meals the new comers are always taken to the spiting old woman’s fountain. As the unsuspecting new comers are positioned, right in front of the spitting woman, looking at all the carefully fabricated distractions and narrations by the seniors, the statue of the old woman spits a mouth full water to the onlookers to everyone’s amusement and laughter, and the chagrin of the drenched new comers.

14681696 10209320693466911 6618617795773375350 nThis year, the group was also invited by the Frankfurt Claretian community to join them for the celebration of the Claret Feast on the 22nd evening, perhaps the last one in the house. Next year, the community will be shifted to the new building under construction. The Publishing Group will have to find new places to stay as the new community will be short of facilities to accommodate all the participants. The provincial promised to find some alternative arraignment for the event.

The highlight of the event was the animation visit by Rev. Fr. Henry Omonisaye the Prefect of Apostolate from the General Government. He listened to the different concerns of the publications. The next meeting of the publishers is scheduled for February 2018 in Bangalore.

Visiting the Fonts of Our Charism