Asian youth, awake!

ayd 8On August 14, I arrived in Seoul with 18 Chinese Catholics from Tokyo. It was the first time for most of us to visit Korea. We did not have any certainty about our trip to Korea until, fortunately, the Daejeon Catholic Youth Association accepted to accommodate us. Our Claretian brother, Stephen Jeon, welcomed and accompanied us during those days. When we reached our hotel, I was surprised that the beatification site was only 15-minute walk away. It had been my dream to attend the beatification of the 124 martyrs of Korea. Indeed, God’s plan is better than ours.

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ayd 3这次能够去韩国参加封圣弥撒以及亚青节闭幕弥撒完全在预料之外。更没想到能近距离看到教宗,被现场的气氛深深感动了。其实这次我只是抱着到处走走看看的态度出去的,因为游走世界看看天主造的世界各地我一直觉得是非常奇妙的事情。既然世界是天主造的,并且天主认为好,那么我们就很有必要去欣赏天主所认为美好的东西,同样也能在这当中看到创造的主。

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A Young Seed of Mission on New Soil

my familyFarmers know very well the kind of seed that will grow in a particular kind of soil. Different plants for different soil. They also know when and how to sow so that the seeds will grow well since some seeds are delicate and “choosy.” But there is a seed that can be planted in any kind of soil—the seed of mission.

My young seed of mission was replanted in the new soil of Japan. It is a beautiful soil yet strange and very different from that of Vietnam and the Philippines. I was like a little child when I landed at Osaka airport. Everything was different and to get out of the airport, I simply followed the other passengers who were with me on the same flight. We need the help of others when we know nothing and are unable to do things ourselves.

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First Impression on and Missionary Life in Japan

20140706 085013It is right to say that life is a journey of choices and responses. Thus, our life depends so much on how we choose and respond. After a long process of dreaming and seeking, the only thing that remains is to choose. That is, one must decide either to respond or not. The same is true with our missionary life, which is a question of how to have a good choice and respond properly though it may not be easy.

I will never forget meeting Fr. Marcelli Fonts, CMF, in our novitiate in the Philippines. I had a chance to share with him my dream that I would like to be sent to Japan someday. “If it is God’s will, why not?” he said in reply. My dream came true when the General asked for two Vietnamese Claretians for the Delegation of East Asia. I was fortunate to be one of the two chosen by the Provincial of the Philippines. Knowing that I would be sent to Japan, many shared with me their thoughts: longer formation, discriminatory treatment of the Japanese, extremely difficult to learn Japanese, lonely life in Japan, besides other temptations and difficulties, etc.

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Sursum Corda!

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Nuestro hermano So Nagasaki fue ordenado diácono el 13 de marzo, un domingo primaveral con cielo despejado. La Iglesia parroquial de Koenji fue el marco escogido para celebrar la ordenación que estuvo presidida por Monseñor Kazuo Koda, obispo auxiliar de la Diócesis de Tokio. Me sentí emocionado por el hecho de que un hermano tan cercano como Nagasaki, se ordenara diácono y la misma ceremonia fue en sí bastante emotiva, especialmente por algo que se quedó grabado en mi corazón: la fraternidad de los parroquianos de Koenji.

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