Visiting the Fonts of Our Charism

IMG 6217Two days after the Feast of St. Claret, I landed in Vic on a train from Barcelona. The pastoral landscape outside was green and refreshing and carried me back to memories. In a travel of about one hour, I tried to recollect the places and incidents in the life of Claret that I had read in his autobiography many years ago. Vic came before I had anticipated and I hurried down the train with the mental map of our house, thanks to Google map. But, as I was exiting the station someone called out my name loudly in an otherwise quiet station. Fr. Carlos Sanches, a missionary from Paraguay? He is an authority on the biography and history of Claret and his times.

IMG 6218After the lunch, Fr. Sanches almost realigned my memories on Claret with fresh anecdotes that I had not heard before. The high point was the mass at the crypt of the Church of Claret. Standing by the sepulcher with the mortal remains of Claret, Fr. Sanches narrated to me the the story of a Carpenter of the house in Vic who protected the remains of Claret buried in his house during the revolution of 1936. Seeing the letter to the General written by Fr. Sebastian the Rector of the house during the revolution time brought tears to my eyes. At the gunpoint, Fr. Sebastian requested the executors to grant him his last wish. He was given a few minutes for prayer. He miraculously escaped with those few minutes to write that letter to the General to indicate where he and the carpenter together had secretly buried the body of Claret. Without this letter, we would have lost all the mortal remains of Claret!

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Frankfurt Book Fair Again

14718602 10209320692546888 6278061931022756956 nAs usual, the Claret Publishing Group gathered together at Frankfurt Book Fair from 19-23 of October 2016. This year, 2 new Claretian Publishing Houses joined hands in the project: Cameroun and Hong Kong to make the total number of participants to 9.

The event is a baptism for the new comers into the publishing ministry. It initiates one to choose what kind of books to publish, and gives one a glimpse into the innovative printing and book production technologies.

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EAD China Meeting

table.jpgDurante los dias tres y cuatro de Octubre los superiores de Asia Oriental que están trabajando en Taiwán, Hong Kong y Macao se reunieron en Macao para estudiar y coordinar la labor claretiana en China. Además de los superiores estuvieron presentes algunos claretianos que trabajan en el ámbito Chino. Dos católicos de China Mr Chen and Ms Saisai ofrecieron también su perspectiva sobre la situación de la Iglesia China, perspectivas de trabajo y colaboración. Tras 10 años de presencia en China, esta reunión espera redefinir nuestra presencia en China y situarla en sintonia con el Plan de Acción del Gobierno General para el sexenio. Aunque la presencia claretiana se enfrenta a numerosos retos derivados de las peculiaridades de la sociedad china, la acogida y cercanía del pueblo Chino son sin duda un aliciente que ayuda a superar las contrariedades.

IMG 20161003 192634 HDROn October 3 and 4, the superiors of East Asia Delegation working in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao gathered in Macao to study and coordinate the Claretian work in China. Apart from the superiors, some Claretians working in the Chinese-speaking areas were also present. Two Chinese Catholics, Mr Chen and Ms Saisai, also offered his perspective on the situation of the Chinese Church, and possibilities for future collaboration. After 10 years in China, this meeting aims to redefine our presence in China and place it in tune with the six-year Plan of Action of the General Government. Although the Claretian presence faces many challenges arising from the peculiarities of Chinese society, the Chinese people´s hospitality and warmth are, without doubt, an incentive that helps to overcome adversities.

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Hong Kong gets ready for the WYD+CF 2016

meeting 1The youth delegates from Hong Kong for the International Claretian Youth Gathering in Lodz, which will be celebrated prior to the World Youth Day in Krakow in July 2016, gathered together for a two-day formation camp at Mui Wo in Lantau Island on 20 and 21 February. Fifteen youth and two animators will participate in the events in Poland.

activityThe two-day camp put the youth through numerous team building and spiritual formation activities. Fr. Alberto Rossa shared his experiences with the Youth Ministry in Argentina and urged the participants to channel their energy and passion to be better persons and better Christians to their families and friends. Eucharistic celebrations, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Taize prayer and a movie on the life of Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkotha were some of the highlights of the event.

The beautiful landscape of Mui Wo and good weather conditions created the perfect ambience for the two-day event. The group will continue to gather every month for a time of prayer and sharing in preparation for the WYD.

beach 2

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Net Outreach

EPIPHANYOur Claretian Missionaries from Hong Kong's Epiphany Parish in Lantau Island are building up their multilingual website in an effort to better serve and help the parish pastoral outreach. With the season of Lent in the offing, they are offering liturgy aids both in Chinese and English. You may visit the web page calendar for the Gospel of the day and a short reflection both in text and and its audio in Cantonese. 

The Page also gives Liturgy aid in English under the title - Liturgy Alive. The site and its maintenance is possible thanks to the selfless contributions of numerous friends who are involved in this ministry.


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