February 2: Celebrating the gift of Life

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The Claretian Community at Macao has been since its creation an impulse for the cooperation among the many different female and male religious congregations in Macao. On February 2014 under the coordination of Fr. Jojo, superior of the community, they hold an encounter of the different Consecrated Life communities in the diocesan Seminary, which Fr. Jojo is assisting in its development as an activity center for Macao Diocese. Although it is a small city of just 23,6Km2 and a bit more of half a million people, many religious communties have been chosing Macao as a place to establish their communities due to the convenience of its closeness with China, and above all the warming welcome of its Bishop Jose Lai and its Christian community. Let us present this commitment to service local religious communities in Macao in our prayer.

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Arrival of Fr Jijo to Macao

JijoAfter finishing the first leg of his Chinese studies in Taiwan, Fr. Jijo arrived to Macao on November 29. Next year he will continue his Chinese studies in a Chinese University near Macao. This way he will be able to join Macao-Hong Kong community life and get familiar with the Claretian Publication Ministry.

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Minutes that Matter

Religious Broadcasting2On March 18 Fr. Jose Cherukara, assigned to Hong Kong and currently working as Assistant Parsih Priest at St. Benedict Church, had his first recording for the program "Minutes that Matter" for Christian Broadcasting with RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong). Fr. Jose Cherukara is a member of the Hong Kong Catholic Board of Communications, a Diocesan Commission in charge of Media and Communications.

The program presented by our brother Jose is not yet available online, nevertheless, here is the link, in case you want to listen!.

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100 million Bibles printed in China

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The only printing company authorized to print the Bible in China announced November 8 that over 100 million copies of the Christian scriptures have been printed. More than 200 guests from China and around the world were invited for the celebration in Nanjing. As the second biggest client of Amity, the Pastoral Bible Foundation (PBF), was one of the guests of honor. Amity has printed 60 million Bibles (including nine separate ethnic minority language editions) distributed in China and 40 million copies in 116 languages to about 70 different countries and regions around the world. We have been printing in Amity for the last 15 years and with their help we published a few million copies of the bible in 12 languages. This year alone we are printing with them close to one million books.

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“May the Apostles Be Friends”

Talk 1The Feast of St. Anthony M. Claret in Macao gathered many of our friends in a celebration of ‘friendship’ in the diocesan seminary. What unites the missionaries of different congregations in Macao is our common mission in this frontier of China; and we renewed our mission commitment from the very place, from the same chapel, where many of our older missionaries in the past started their journey of evangelization to China and other countries.

The simple event started with the testimony of a convert to Christianity, the present Superior of the Jesuit Fathers in Macao, Fr. Beda Lau. 

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It was followed by a Eucharist concelebrated by 40 priests, including the Chancellor of the Hong Kong Diocese, the Administrator of the Macao Diocese (presiding), 17 Mainland Chinese priests who were attending a retreat and a good number of fellow priests. The presider emphasized the positive role of the Claretians in the diocese of Macao who in a short time have made their presence felt.

We ended the day with a joyous and abundant dinner where we served the 200 people who were in attendance.

It was also a moment of togetherness for the members of this disperse community as we are in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland. Present were Frs. Jojo, Jose, Ezakias, Peter Chao and Alberto.


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