Mission Little Diaries - I

CHSR3 April 2017. It was a six-hour trip for a distance of more than 900 kilometers from Shenyang to Shijiazhuang on the high speed G-train, a trip punctuated by periods of 350-km-per-hour speed in some segments of the trip. That trip brought me back to 1988 when I first went to Beijing from Guangzhou, a journey of 1,890 kilometers which took me 36 hours. How I wish I had taken photos of that time!

China had indeed changed a lot these past 30 years. I used to bring my own toilet paper when I traveled on the train for use in the squat toilet which was a hole that opens directly to flush down all unwanted materials down to the railway track. Now, passengers have a choice between a squat toilet and a “throne,” with water flush for both, but you don’t get to see the track anymore. And the best part of it is the soft two-ply toilet paper to be had in abundance!

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基督的福傳者應該時刻銘刻記住自己的身份“傳教士”,要走出自己舒適的生活走進大自然,走進人群,尤其那些偏遠的山村。 2016年10月6 肩負重任來到了位於中國雲南的幾個偏遠的山村, 在這裏住著一些人,這些人被人所遺忘,生活條件極度惡劣,他們沒有身份,也沒有電力,也沒有飲用水,終年飲用儲存的雨水來維持生活,單單依靠玉米和南瓜來維持生活。在一些公益的組織幫助下部分的家庭有了“人工井”來儲備雨水。雨天時交通就無法通行,甚至徒步也是困難,因為山路的表層是膠泥性的土壤。

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基督的福传者应该时刻铭刻记住自己的身份“传教士”,要走出自己舒适的生活走进大自然,走进人群,尤其那些偏远的山村。 2016年10月6 肩负重任来到了位于中国云南的几个偏远的山村, 在这里住着一些人,这些人被人所遗忘,生活条件极度恶劣,他们没有身份,也没有电力,也没有饮用水,终年饮用储存的雨水来维持生活,单单依靠玉米和南瓜来维持生活。在一些公益的组织帮助下部分的家庭有了“人工井”来储备雨水。雨天时交通就无法通行,甚至徒步也是困难,因为山路的表层是胶泥性的土壤。

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EAD China Meeting

table.jpgDurante los dias tres y cuatro de Octubre los superiores de Asia Oriental que están trabajando en Taiwán, Hong Kong y Macao se reunieron en Macao para estudiar y coordinar la labor claretiana en China. Además de los superiores estuvieron presentes algunos claretianos que trabajan en el ámbito Chino. Dos católicos de China Mr Chen and Ms Saisai ofrecieron también su perspectiva sobre la situación de la Iglesia China, perspectivas de trabajo y colaboración. Tras 10 años de presencia en China, esta reunión espera redefinir nuestra presencia en China y situarla en sintonia con el Plan de Acción del Gobierno General para el sexenio. Aunque la presencia claretiana se enfrenta a numerosos retos derivados de las peculiaridades de la sociedad china, la acogida y cercanía del pueblo Chino son sin duda un aliciente que ayuda a superar las contrariedades.

IMG 20161003 192634 HDROn October 3 and 4, the superiors of East Asia Delegation working in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao gathered in Macao to study and coordinate the Claretian work in China. Apart from the superiors, some Claretians working in the Chinese-speaking areas were also present. Two Chinese Catholics, Mr Chen and Ms Saisai, also offered his perspective on the situation of the Chinese Church, and possibilities for future collaboration. After 10 years in China, this meeting aims to redefine our presence in China and place it in tune with the six-year Plan of Action of the General Government. Although the Claretian presence faces many challenges arising from the peculiarities of Chinese society, the Chinese people´s hospitality and warmth are, without doubt, an incentive that helps to overcome adversities.

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Understanding Today's China

WP 20160906 002From 17 July to 3 September 2016 Verbiest Institute's "Renyi Chinese College" (仁义书苑) held the "Chinese College Summer Session" at Leuven. The annual study sessions are directed towards Chinese theology students in Europe (lay, sisters, religious and priests) who during the summer want to continue their formation. The summer course topics are related to pastoral and catechetical theology, spirituality and the social teaching of the Church. Teachers from Leuven, Taiwan and Hong Kong were invited this year. Fr. Francisco Carin, cmf, is collaborating with Verbiest Institute, both in Leuven (Belgium) and Taipei (Taiwan) offices.

Although the summer session ended on September 3, the students were invited to join the Verbiest-sponsored "Annual Forum on the Church in China Today" that was held in Leuven on September 6-7, 2016. This year the topic was "Religion and the Rule of Law." The topic was approached from both inside and outside China. Herman van Rompuy, former Prime Minister of Belgium and the first president of the European Council, opened the forum at the University Hall with a paper titled "Beyond the Separation of Church and State." He was followed by Prof. Liu Peng who presented "The Role of Religion in a Modern Society: The Chinese Perspective." The president of Leuven University, Prof. Rik Torfs, an expert in Canon Law, presented a paper on "Freedom of Religion, Scope and Future," followed by Prof. Vincent Shen's paper as a lecture on "Information Technology, the Catholic Church and the State."

WP 20160906 005

On September 7 the papers presented by Profs. Mathijs Lamberigts, Peter de Mey, Chen Deguang and Chen Wenduan centered on the synergies between the Chinese Church and Vatican II, the unending challenge of inculturation, and the "Development of Mysticism in Taiwanese Scholastic Philosophy" (1 paper).

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