Feast day of Claret and ordination of John.

131024 Jordi Ken 2 VietnameseRecalling Padre John X’s ordination last October 24th , is something I would call as, one of the proudest moment of the East Asia Delegation. Seeing his family, relatives, friends, and even his neighbors coming in full force to the Philippines to support and witness the presbyteral ordination of Padre John X. is something I would describe as the beauty of unity and love. Seeing those people making an effort just to be there for Padre John’s ordination was touching, and it really revealed their support to the Claretian life chosen by Padre John and their love and support for the church in China. Despite the situation of the church in their Motherland China, and all the hassle it may entail, people from all over China still came down here. I was expecting a little less than a person of ten, but to my shock they were around 30 or more…

There were a few other people from different parts of the world who attended Padre John’s important day. Now Father John as a foreigner, being ordained here in the Philippines, we would usually expect few visitors just like the ordinations we had here for the past few months. But this time was different. Many people attended which clearly showed that Fr. John is a man who is deeply loved by many and a man with a lot of friends.131024 Joao Ken RMI

It was also a great joy of mine to meet for the first time our other brothers from Japan, Masuda and Nagasaki. And have been blessed to spend a day of bonding with Kay and Masuda. Which gave us a chance to know more about each other. It was also an honor to meet the three legends of the EAD, I would say, Padres Jordi Guitart, Mario Bonfaini, and Marcel.li Fonts. Sadly the person I was looking forward to see that day and whom I miss is our dear Father Delegate Superior, Padre Paco. It could have been best if he was there with us to celebrate the fast of our father founder and the ordination of Padre John X. but I know he is needed more somewhere else for a greater cause.

By Joao

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The Mission of Wuhu (Anhui, China). Its history and its work

The Mission of Wuhu (Anhui, China). Its history and its work

Taken from the book: In the 4th centenary of the foundation of the Society of Jesus (1540-1940)

(Published in 1940)

 fogued and sjIn 1922 when the region of Hweichowfu (today, Shexian歙县) became part of the Mission of Wuhu (芜湖), there were three missionaries, two of whom were French. When they went back to their Mission the following year, only two priests remained in that immense region, Fr. Vidaurrazaga and Fr. Esteban; three civil sub-prefectures were entrusted to each missionary for their apostolic care.

As Hweichowfu was surrounded by mountains and did not have easy access to communication, it was a place separated by nature from the rest of the Mission. It took eight or ten days of painful journey from there to the center of the Vicariate. To make matters worse, Fr. Esteban, the missionary in the far Wuyuen (today, district of Wuyuan in the neighboring province of Jiangxi 婺源县), had to leave his district for two years to reside in Siuning (look down for picture of its old chapel) with his Superior. From Siuning (today, Xiuning休宁县 district) the two missionaries took care of all the vast section of Hweichowfu.

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Hace 80 años, en un país entonces muy, muy lejano (II)...

La misión de Wuhu (Anhwei-China). Su Historia y sus Obras. (1940)

2. La Nueva Prefectura de Tunki[1] (II). [Pp. 118-120]

mission map

  En la relación quinquenal de 1930, había expuesto Mons. Huarte a la Sagrada Congregación de Propaganda Fide, la conveniencia de que con una nueva división del Vicariato [foto1], otros operarios vinieran a cultivar la parte desmembrada. La Sagrada Congregación se fijo en la propuesta y pidió más amplios detalles al Excmo. Sr. Vicario Apostólico.

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Hace 80 años, en un país entonces muy, muy lejano...

La misión de Wuhu (Anhwei-China). Su Historia y sus Obras.

En el 4º Centenario de la Confirmación de la Compañía de Jesús (1540-1940).

Libro Publicado en 1940.

Antigua Casa Cural de Hweichowfu/Shexian2.La Nueva Prefectura de Tunki[1] (I). [Pp. 115-118]

            Cuando en 1922 la región de Hweichowfu (hoy Shexian歙县) pasó a formar parte de la Misión de Wuhu (芜湖), contaba tres misioneros, dos de los cuales eran franceses. Al volver éstos al año siguiente a su Misión, no quedaban mas que dos Padres en tan inmensa región, los Padres Vidaurrázaga y Esteban; eran confiadas a los cuidados apostólicos de cada misionero tres subprefecturas civiles.

            Hweichowfu encerrado entre montañas, con su falta de comunicaciones, era un territorio separado por la naturaleza del resto de la Misión; se necesitaban ocho o diez días de penoso camino para poder trasladarse de allí al centro del Vicariato. Para colmo de dificultades, el P. Esteban, misionero del lejano Wuyuen (hoy comarca de Wuyuan 婺源县 en la provincia vecina de Jiangxi), tuvo que dejar su distrito durante dos años para residir en Siuning con su Padre Ministro. Desde Siuning (hoy comarca de Xiuning休宁县) cuidaban solo los dos misioneros de toda la vasta Sección de Hweichowfu.

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De la vida y sus adicciones.

DSC02390   Es bastante común para mucha gente el uso cotidiano de estimulantes como el café, el tabaco, el alcohol o incluso el sexo; tanto es así, que se convierten en parte de su estilo de vida. Yo soy uno más.

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