AEYG 2017+CF

4579From August 1-7, 2017, the Claretian youth of Taiwan (EAD) attended AEYG 2017+CF in Yogyakarta, Indonesia under the theme “Be Witnesses and Messengers of the Joy of the Gospel in Diversity.” This theme was in fact the continuation of the theme of the first AEYG-2015 “Meet Him in the Cloud”. Encountering God in the Cloud in 2015 inspired many young people to become the Witnesses and messengers of the joy of the Gospel in the diversity of the Asian Context. Seven participants from Taiwan attended the youth gathering in Yogyakarta. In spite of the language barriers and cultural differences, the enthusiasm and energy that emerged during the encounter really united the whole group into a clan of young people walking in the same road witnessing the joy of the Gospel in diversity.

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Getting to know Claret


On June 10, 2017 the Parish Councils of the different parishes we are serving in Taiwan (Assumption, Sacred Hearts, John the Baptist, Fatima and Zhonghe chapel) came together to Wulai Fatima Farish for a day of fraternal sharing as well as to have an opportunity to better know each other and the mission and charism of the Claretian Missionaries. The day started with a meditation-presentation of the life and spiritual journey of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, from his childhood in Sallent to his exiled death in Fontfroide. We got to know about the pillars of his spiritual experience and his unceasing missionary thrust, always trusting God’s plan and will. Then, each missionary position presented its parish council and the basic lines of their pastoral plan.

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Give thanks to the Lord, who is good, whose mercy endures forever.

1At the beginning we started with easy trails, like Hohuang North and South, Hualian's Taroko trails, then Snow Mountain (the second highest peak in Taiwan), Tapaqian, Wuling 4 peaks, the Three Stars of the southern cross road, Lake Jiamin, Peitawu, Yushan first peak, Zhijiayang and Nanhu Mountain among others. I remember how one sister, Daughter of Jesus, was astonished when thinking that it was a foreigner like myself who was working hard to show them the beauty hidden in their own country, Taiwan. In recent years we have to fight against the most ferocious of enemies, bureaucracy… climbing in Taiwan became a tiring red-tape adventure to the point of taking away the breath before putting the foot at the base of the mountain.

Nevertheless, it was, and it still is, an opportunity to bring closer Creator and creature in the midst of the wonderful, yet sometimes dangerous, gift of God: Creation, in particular mountains.

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15823498 10157985510275322 4154029380975608880 n最讓我感動的,是在川堂的主日彌撒,這次好幸運能夠有范凱令神父同行,為所有的人舉行了感恩祭,當天也正好慶祝天主之母節,雖然祭台上的東西不是最完備的,還可能有東西忘了帶,但所有的孩子坐在第一排面對著祭台,認真參加彌撒,在唱歌的時候用心的大聲詠唱,在天主經的時候,所有孩子都牽起了手圍在祭台邊…彌撒裡的每一個共融時刻,都令我感到滿心歡樂與平安。


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Untitled2文藻外語大學 吳甦樂教育中心 講師-吳英傑



也許,我跟 Paco神父沒有太多言語上的交談,但我卻在神父的身上,看到那「親近鄰人」、「喜愛孩子」、「願意成為僕人」的基督典範,十分感謝神父願意花時間陪伴我們這十幾個家庭,而我自己卻是期待能有第三次與神父相遇的機會。

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