Final Preparation and Sending off Mass

The final training programme for the participants from Taiwan to the WYD was conducted at Fu Jen Catholic University on 21 May 2016. The Claretian youth also joined the training programme as an opportunity to prepare themselves both mentally and physically for the WYD. The training programme began with the sharing of each group about the present status of their general and spiritual preparations. Then, the paticipants were informed about what they have to pay attention to abroad. It was also an opportunity to know more about Polish language, culture, customs, food habits and the history of the church there. As the WYD is basically meant for the sharing of faith among the young people, they were also trained how to introduce the Catholic Church in Taiwan to other participants from different countries to promote intercultural faith exchange. The training programme concluded with the sending off Mass which included special prayers for all Taiwan WYD participants.

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Baúl de los Recuerdos - Memory Lane

Año 1973, XVIII Capítulo General. El Delegado de Japón fue el P. Emeterio de la Rosa. En la foto podemos ver a un joven Pedro Casaldáliga y al P. Pedro Schweiger. ¡Los mas entrados en años seguro que reconocen a muchos otros!


Year 1973, XVIII General Chapter. The Delegate of Japan was Fr. Emeterio de la Rosa. In the picture we can see quite a young Pedro Casaldaliga and Fr. Peter Schweiger. I am sure the not so young among you recognize many more faces!

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