Claretian Prefects of Formation Meeting

tanz groupThe prefects of formation of the congregation met in Dar es Salaam from August 10 to 20, 2012. The general prefect of formation, Mathew Vattamattam, convoked the meeting, which our missionaries in Tanzania and East Africa graciously coordinated.

Thirty prefects of formation with 17 different nationalities attended the meeting; four from ASCLA East attended: Peter Kim (Korea), Sid Ching (EAD), Damasus (Indonesia-Timor Leste) and Resty Audal (Philippines). 

tanz meeting

The meeting was originally planned without simultanenous translation, but as many of the participants still knew only either English or Spanish, Basker Amalraj (Tanzania), Jose Sanchez (USA), and Malachy (East Africa) worked as translators. The meeting centered on how to bring about transformative formation in the different areas of our life: our Claretian identity as missionaries, apostolic poverty, consecrated celibacy, obedience, community life in interculturality and within a multicultural setting.

tanz bishop

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