Malpaso, la frontera que divide y hermana en TVE 2

Jueves, 22/05/2014 Madrid, España.

El programa de la Televisión Española "Pueblo de Dios" (de TVE 2), trasmitió el pasado domingo 18 de mayo el primero de los reportajes titulado "Malpaso, la frontera que divide y hermana". El reportaje narra el compromiso de nuestros hermanos claretianos de la provincia de Antillas con los refugiados haitianos en la frontera entre República Dominicana y Haití. En la producción se refleja el compromiso de misión compartida entre las fundaciones PROCLADE (Provincia de Santiago de España) y PROMICLA (Promoción Claretiana de Antillas), así como de las hermanas Vedrunas.

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Major Superiors' Meeting in Vic.


On January 20th 2014 at 12:00 in the Crypt of St. Anthony M. Claret Sepulcher at Vic started the Major Superiors Meeting to start preparing the 2015 General Chapter.

The mass was presided by Fr. General, Josep Abella, who in his homily, based on the gospel of the wineskins and cloth patches, invited us to risk losing when it is the Kingdom who is winning, and not being afraid of losing old prerogatives and privileges to give way to the new wine that is requiring from us to change our wineskins. The mass was celebrated in Spanish, English and French. After the mass I took a picture of Fr. Juan Carlos Bartra close to Claret's sarcophagus opened for the occasion.DSCN3158

After the mass we had lunch and, what a surprise, the wine they were serving was from Artés, the village of fr.


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La Misión Claretiana en Asia

LazN5LhgERkEn esta entrevista para el programa "Donde Dios Llora" de "Catholic Radio and Television Network", el P. General Josep Abella hace un repaso a la labor misionera de los claretianos en Asia. La presentadora, María Lozano, inicia el recorrido en el país al que el P. Josep fue enviado cuando era un joven misionero: Japón.

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Beatification in Tarragona

Martyrs of Tarragona-Fernan CaballeroTarragona, Spain. Everything is now ready for the Beatification of the group of 522 "Martyrs of the XX Century in Spain". Among them are the 23 Claretian Martyrs of Sigüenza, Fernán Caballero, and Tarragona.The solemn celebration will take place on Sunday, October 13th in the main plaza of the "Complejo Educativo of Tarragona".

Link to the Congregation page.

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Claretian Prefects of Formation Meeting

tanz groupThe prefects of formation of the congregation met in Dar es Salaam from August 10 to 20, 2012. The general prefect of formation, Mathew Vattamattam, convoked the meeting, which our missionaries in Tanzania and East Africa graciously coordinated.

Thirty prefects of formation with 17 different nationalities attended the meeting; four from ASCLA East attended: Peter Kim (Korea), Sid Ching (EAD), Damasus (Indonesia-Timor Leste) and Resty Audal (Philippines). 

tanz meeting

The meeting was originally planned without simultanenous translation, but as many of the participants still knew only either English or Spanish, Basker Amalraj (Tanzania), Jose Sanchez (USA), and Malachy (East Africa) worked as translators. The meeting centered on how to bring about transformative formation in the different areas of our life: our Claretian identity as missionaries, apostolic poverty, consecrated celibacy, obedience, community life in interculturality and within a multicultural setting.

tanz bishop

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