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Perpetual Profession

IMG 20170503 WA0003Student Stephen Nguyen Van Nang, from Vietnam made his perpetual profession together with five other students at 3 PM on 3rd May in a solemn mass at Immacualte Heart of Mary Parish in Quezon City. The mass was presided over by the Provincial of the Philippines Province. Stephen has completed his theology studies and is awaiting his graduation with Summa Cum Laude on 10th May. The ceremony was concluded with a solemn dinner for all the invited guests.

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By what authority?

imagesToday I just read a blog news regarding vocations in Chinese seminaries. Indeed, although still kind of abundant, from a historical perspective they are diminishing.. and fast. This is one of the reasons behind the closure of some diocesan seminaries, even regional ones, in China. The article posed the question if Chinese priests will one day go to countries traditionally considered "Catholic" to proclaim the gospel; well, indeed they are already doing that, although mostly, though not exclusively, for overseas Chinese catholic communities.
This made me thought about another issue. How comfortable and acquainted are we to see and express the church and its witnessing mission as a "priestly" thing! Nowadays there is a lot of talk about "heteropatriarchy" as a concept to understand the inherited bias surrounding gender relations, society, culture and economy... even societies as a whole; a bias that is so conspicuous that we usually are not able to feel it, and this is what makes it dangerous as it becomes a normalized and normative cosmovision. Maybe in the church we should start to put a name to this vicious understanding that has crippled our church throughout history, especially recent one. "Priestarchy", an understanding of Church and mission as priestly centered and of salvation as priestly mediated-only: Out of the priest neither church nor salvation is available or attainable.

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Easter at St Lawrence

Easter Vigil at St Lawrence Parish

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