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Tapiz beatificaciones sm(梵蒂冈电台讯)西班牙教会将於10月21日在巴塞罗那的圣家堂主持册封真福大典,圣母圣心爱子会的109位殉道者将列入真福品。这些新真福在上个世纪30年代的西班牙教难中殉道。圣母圣心爱子会由圣安东尼奥·玛利亚·克拉雷特(Antonio María Claret)创立,因此也被称为克拉雷特会。
圣座封圣部部长阿玛托(Angelo Amato)枢机10月19日向本台介绍了这些新真福殉道的背景。他说:“上个世纪在西班牙的宗教迫害好似一种死亡和毁灭的恶性流行病,造成了成千上万的无辜受害者。不过,它也让我们看到了数以千计的男女殉道者的勇气,他们的鲜血成了推动今日西班牙教会的生命活力。”


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生きましょう - Llamados - Called - 呼唤


Mensaje para la Fiesta del Fundador 2017

Message for the Feast of the Founder 2017


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Encounter with Claret

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In the website of the Claretian Spirituality Center (CESC) there is a space to give a voice to the many people who met with Saint Anthony Mary Claret throughout their lives, Claretian Missionaries, Religious Sisters of Mary Immaculate, Lay Claretians and many others who do not belong to any specific religious group but also experienced a personal and close encounter with Claret.

Here is the testimony from our East Asia brother Alberto Rossa, presently assigned to Mui Wo, Hong Kong.


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