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And the Word was made... Image!

Dear friends, as you know the Claretian Missionaries have a deep and strong relation with the Word of God. Claret's mission was always embeded by the Word of God, and his spiritual itinerary usually had as main catalyst the Word of God. In today’s world the power of image becomes convenient through the versatility of the social media.

Our brothers in Hong Kong, in tandem with Pastoral Bible Foundation, have a website dedicated to bring you closer the world of the Word of God.

Among the projects they manage are video commentaries to the Sunday Gospel by Fr. Armellini. They introduce you a vivid and exhaustive presentation and commentary to each Sunday's table of the Word, an inseparable companion of the table of the Bread and the Wine. Although the commentaries are in Italian, there are English and Spanish subtitles available.

Here I leave you with the one for June 24: Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.

You can find other videos and the full website HERE

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At the Heart of Mary (II)

DSC 0739It was also my dream to visit the small chapel at Fussimanya where Little Claret often visited with her sister Rosa praying the rosary (Aut. No. 49). Claret’s devotion to Our Lady of Fussimanya was so amazing and he always felt emotional being with her. I could feel the tenderness of being close to this mother and offering myself telling “Mother here is your son”. I believe that it is in the contemplation of Mary at Fussimanya Claret found the powerful inspiration to follow Jesus and to generously dedicate himself to his apostolic ministry.

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At the Heart of Mary (I)

Catedral VicIt has been almost two months since I reached Spain attending the course for the formators at the School for the Heart of Mary. I started this workshop programme in Vic together with other twenty four companions and then moved to Barbastro and now we are in Colmenar Viejo. When I look back to my two months of stay in the land of our founder where our congregation was born and grown, I feel so blessed and fortunate to make this journey with Claret knowing him more and more about his charism and missionary thrust that moved the congregation from Vic to different continents today. It was also an opportunity to know the charismatic and formative foundations of our identity from the traditions of the congregations and from the general plan of formation. I began the first week of my stay in Vic with a self-confrontation asking “Why am I here?” It was a realization for me that i am here neither because I am asked to go for it nor came to see a new place but rather to renew my own self which would help me to be a Claretian formator who can give a high quality formation, (as Jesús M. Palacios cmf always reminds us,) to the formandi in their vocational discernment and growth. Apart from the intellectual learning it was also an occasion to visit the Claretian places nearby Vic and Barcelona where Claret was born, spiritually grown and did his missionary work. I write this experiences of attending the school for the heart of Mary in three phases, phase one (Vic and Barcelona), phase two (Barbastro), and phase three (Madrid).

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