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2018 ASCLA Meeting about the Brothers

Kattuwa-Kurunegala-Kandy, Sri Lanka

16-21 January 2018

groupThe 2018 ASCLA Meeting about the Brothers was attended by 5 Prefects of Formation (4 of whom are priests) of the Philippine Province and the Delegations of East Asia, Indonesia-Timor Leste, Korea and Sri Lanka, 4 perpetually professed brothers (1 of whom is a Prefect of Formation) and 3 brothers in formation. We held our meeting in the different formation houses of the Dependent Delegation of Sri Lanka – St. Claret Seminary, Kattuwa, Negombo; Casa St. Claret, Kurunegala; and Claret Nivas, Kandy – according to a proposal made during the 2015 ASCLA-East Meeting about the brothers in Muntilan, Indonesia, in February 2015 to conduct this encounter in the different formation houses of the host organism.

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CANTATA MACAU -2017 2nd International Choral Festival, Macau

chorus3The second edition of Cantata Macau was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Stephen Lee, the Bishop of Macau, Fr. Jijo Kandamkulathy CMF Founder and Spiritual Director of Cantata Macau and Barrie Briones Co-Founder and Executive Director of the even on December-6, 2017, in the presence of the Deputy Director of Tourism, Macau and the Assistant Consular General of the Philippines in the Nativity of our Lady Cathedral in Macau.

Eight choirs from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mexico and Philippines, enthralled the audience in Macau. The highlight of the event was the Grand Concert on 8th December at 7.30 in the Cineteatro, Macau. Over 180 participants brought to life world famous compositions with added flavours of performance.

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20139685 1121552284643641 4516573297809836092 n这是平生首次参加野外露营的夏令营活动,以前也参加过各种各样的夏令营,但从来都没有住过帐篷。然而不住帐篷怎么能够体验到多姿多彩妙不可言的露营生活呢? 所以说以前都不是真正的露营,而这次终于有机会体验一番了,不由地欣喜万分。由于需要搭建帐篷,我们提前一天来到了目的地:贝纳斯克(Benasque)。贝纳斯克座落于西班牙东北部,与法国接壤,其实就在西班牙与法国的国界线不远处,是一座极美丽的山中小城,也是许多人暑假期间必去的避暑胜地和登山爱好者的首选。这里四面环山,曲径通幽,有公路通车直到法国。我们先从马德里到塞哥维亚集合,然后由厨师开车带我们前往,开了八个多小时车才到。快临近目的地时,车在山腰上弯延盘旋,穿梭于深山老林之中,此时呼吸着深山里的清新空气,顿感心旷神怡。虽然一路奔波, 心中却充满着喜悦与期待,因为这是第一次野外露营,似乎第一次总是让人感觉无限的美,就像生命中的许许多多的第一次,总会给人留下一种刻骨铭心的回忆。第一次永远只有一次,或许这才是其珍贵的原因,值得人们珍惜。

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